Feed The Need

“Thank you Essence of Mind for the help that you guys gave me last time during Christmas it means a lot to us. I would definitely recommend Essence of mind to a friend."
Celine Monteiro
Feed the Need
The food basket was helpful. It was helpful because times are hard with COVID, so I just really appreciated it. The wrapping of the box with the items made it look like a Christmas present, it was very nice. I Would recommend to a friend."
Sandra Smith
Feed the Need
The Women's R.I.S.E Support Group was amazing and beneficial not only for my mental health but for me as a single mom trying to create a peaceful work / life balance. I am also grateful to have met other moms in the same situation and have developed friendships through this group as well. Coming together and learning from each other with great facilitators helped me tremendously in my personal and work life. Every community would benefit from this type of group, and I would recommend it to all women who need a break and just want to relate to others with no judgement.
R.I.S.E Women's Support Group
The amount of food was sufficient. We found out about Essence of Mind while at the Ontario Children Centre. I used to take my daughter there so the social worker told us about Essence of Mind and the food drive they were having and if we'd want a food basket. It's really helpful when you’re going through financial need and for that I'd recommend a friend.
Shaveta Grover
Feed the Need
The amount of food was sufficient. Thank you so much Essence of Mind! I really wanted to thank you. It was really helpful for us and like I have no words, just thank you so much. I would recommend to a friend.
Aditi Biswas
Feed the Need
Really appreciated the basket and it really helped me out and I love what Essence of Mind is doing.
Feed the Need
The food basket was good and it did help me.
Feed the Need